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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  February 17, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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roads. here's kim brown around the major highways, looking good. through the white marsh boulevard area. no problems on the harrisburg expressway, traffic is flowing freely. overturned vehicle, in addition to some snow removal in that area. if you're driving around this morning, expect delays. also, wind warnings in effect at the key bridges. around baltimore city, it's pretty quiet. no problems in either direction. snow mounds are like little tiny houses. >> but the city says it has to go somewhere. overnight baltimore city lifted its phase ii of the snow emergency plan. >> today phase i remains in
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effect. all vehicles traveling on city roadways must be equipped with snow tires and/or chains. snow can be placed into bodies of water and it won't cause environmental damage. >> many people are wondering how the city and state are going to pay for all this, which is a good question. baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake says every piece of equipment, every hour of work and every truck dumping snow in the harbor has to be accounted for in order to be reimbursed by the government. >> we're eligible for 75%. we're making sure our accounts are in order so we can get the full 75%. >> baltimore city has moved out of the phase ii of the snow emergency plan as of midnight. that means you'll be allowed to park on the snow emergency routes again, as long as you have a parking pass or pay meter
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in that neighborhood. the children may not like it, but a lot of you parents should be, you're probably happy about this. it is finally back to school today for most students. some districts will be on a two-hour delay. here's what we need to do and what we need to know. let's make sure we clear the salt and sidewalks, especially along the routes to schools and bus stops. as always, drive slowly, carefully and keep an eye out for children. talk to your kids about walking safely. have them dress in bright colors. if you drive your kids to school, right now you're being asked by your district to consider carpooling. state superintendent nancy grasnin is asking to shorten the school year. she said she'll approach the board and formally request to lower that number. only on good morning
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maryland this morning: going to the doctor isn't fun, but getting tests done doesn't make your visit anybody. there are five tests women need to get let's go to dr. linda sow with more. >> reporter: these five tests have proven to save lives. the first test is the mammogram to screen for breast cancer. all women would do regular self breast exams. second test is chest for cholesterol. heart disease is a leading killer for women and typically goes up after menopause. the third test is a skin test to screen for skin cancer. the fourth test is typically thought of as a man's problem, but women should also get colonoscopies .
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>> we're able to pick up changes or precancerous conditions before they become cancer. >> coming up, we'll have much more on these top five tests all women should get and one woman says you're never too young to get tested. one of the tests saved her life. >> thank you, linda. you may hate the snow, but you'll love this. we're less than two months out from opening day. pitchers and catchers will start reporting to spring training. the orioles new training facility will be in sarasota florida. there are plenty of questions as orioles look to end 12 years of losing. the season will begin on april 6th. opening day at camden yards scheduled for the 9th of april. you can fly into sarasota or tampa, this is what we'll be
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looking at. alan riffkin and janna marie smith came up with an artist rendering of what this will look like. you have great bars and shops. love sarasota. great place to be. enjoy spring training with the orioles. >> get online, look at tickets. >> they're kind of high this weekend. whoo! watching a 3d movie could be great, but some optometrists think it could affect your vision. a granny's prized pillows are helping men and women wounded in war. >> the thought of a pillow sounds so nice this morning, especially when you hear we have more snow on the way. band of snow back in howard county and frederick. we'll talk about that in a
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moment. 25 degrees. humidity 66%. winds out of the southwest. we'll have a warm-up. hold tight, we'll talk about that coming up. let's get our first check of the mta with mark jones. >> looks good right now. light rail with full service from end-to-end operating on time. metro subway operating full service to hopkins station. running every 20 to 25 minutes. marc train operating on the camden, penn and brunswick lines. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. hey hi
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5:09. look, yesterday we missed out on a big storm. it really flared up in new york and new england, the backside of it, the core of the cold air still in the east. we were just on the edge of the cloud line. watch the clouds filter back in. the influence of upper level winds lining up with lake erie, back to northwestern pennsylvania and dropping snow showers. we got those back to our west. highlighted them before maryland's most powerful doppler radar. through southern and western parts of howard county towards frederick. the upper wind flow is pushing
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this further to the south and east. we could have a band of light snow and flurries this morning. we need another burst of snow this afternoon. no major storms, but at this point, anything could be a nuisance. 30 easton, 25 here in baltimore. windchill knocking us down to 18. flurries this morning, snow shower or two this afternoon as we'll get up to our 2 degree guaranteed high of 37 degrees. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> we still do have icy patches around the area. particularly on the on and off ramps. on the beltway, we're looking pretty good. traffic moving at a really good pace on the west side. route 40 westbound, melton avenue. bad crash out there. they hope to have that open by about 6:30 this morning. park heights avenue, southbound. woodland avenue. snow removal efforts continue
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around the city. expect delays. here on the jfx in both directions, traffic looks great. it's no fancy bourbon street celebration, but residents know how to party. >> one organization crashes the westminster dog show in protest. that story and best in show winner when we come back.
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it's been one year since president barack obama signed the recovery act. the bill to bring more jobs back into the united states. the white house credits the funding for saving and creating about 2 million jobs in the first year with 1 million jobs to be saved or created this year. they point out the administration has overstimulated the success. the president's challenge continues to be how to keep the economic gains from the stimulus permanent. 3d movies are all the rage right now. industry insiders say they're the norm in the future for now on. the big question is, can it be harmful to your eyes? an optometry team in california says yes. normally our eyes come together
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when looking at something far and move apart with something near. you may need to converge your eyes with something near, and move apart with something fire. what we show in our study is that need to uncouple did cause fatigue and did cause uh, eye strain, headaches, things like that. >> and 90 inches of snow also does that too us. he plans to present his research to movie and digital media insiders this week. we start off looking at yesterday's high temperature, after the snow in the morning and the breeze that kicked off, sunshine got us up to 35 degrees. temperatures running well below normal. it'll be hard to shake that for a while.
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still measured 16 inches deep at bwi. probably close to 2 feet in a lot of your backyards. on this 17th of february, normally expect a low of 26 and high of 75. 76 to 1976. in between we'll have ourselves a variably cloudy sky. clouds could occasionally dominate the sky. we have 25 degrees in the thermometer this morning. we continue to watch some bands of snow, some little impulses of energy wrapping around the upper level cold pattern. we watch this back to our west earlier on. the wide view pattern highlights two things. first off, the storm that really flared off the coast, the one that jumped over us and missed us is spinning across examination eastern new england and pushing toward the canadian maritimes. still under the influence of this cold air, one more shot of
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energy will dive our way this afternoon. that could actually pull chance of some snow showers and maybe a light coating on the ground with a heavy burst this afternoon. sort of like a spring shower, except with snow. once we shape this pattern, the whole thing will lift out. slightly milder air builds in. a lot of us see the temperature of 40 on the thermometer. wouldn't that be a change of pace? call it 37 today. there'll be breaks of sun, breezy, flurries and snow showers mixed in. tonight we slip it back to about 24. slight melting and refreezing process. stick around, we'll have a look at the 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. 95 is looking good in both directions. you see traffic at a pretty good pace. no real problems around 659. cecil county, elkton, route 40 westbound closed because of a
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really bad accident. state police hope to have that reopened by 6:30 this morning. southbound lanes of park heights avenue, reports of an overturned vehicle at woodland. expect delays as you make your way around. pratt and president, it is pretty quiet on and off the jfx. jamie and megan, back to you. time for today's birthdays. lou diamond phillips turns 48 today. paris hilton is 29. i heard she's having dinner tonight, little scallot and going to brewers heart. >> all you have to do is send us the info to get your birthdays on the air. we'll be happy to mention your birthday or your family member or friend's birthday. let's talk pancakes.
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the united states retains her crown as the pancake champ. it's a tradition that dates back 100 years. a middle school teacher and coach clocked in at 63 seconds. probably the most famous scene of mardi gras can be found in louisiana. epicenter of the traditional cajun mardi gras culture. all the riders set out in search of gumbo fixes. they go from house-to-house begging for ingredients for a communal meal. should be fun. >> here are temperatures from havre de grace. today is ash wednesday, the
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first day of lent. the practice of placing ashes on the foreheads of the faithful as a sign of repentance. if it comes as early as february 4th or as late at march 10th. this is ash wednesday. big news this morning: there's a dog owner waking up a very happy person this morning in new york city. >> best in show is the scottish terror. >> yes! terriers always win. the scottish terrier. the westminster show was briefly interrupted by peta protesters. they were kicked out of madison square garden very quickly. a few minutes later, sadie and the owner went to claim their
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best in show prize. that's a good-looking dog. >> there you go. >> always fun to watch, isn't it? back here in maryland: a hyper greyhound is wearing his owners out just by watching him. >> the nash family built a backyard track outside their home in eldersburg. years ago, there was a chance that hagerstown was going to get a greyhound track, but the legislature said absolutely no. but eldersburg, just watch, how long does this last? he takes a break right there. there he goes again. >> it looks like fun. being a woman, there are a lot of health concerns you have to worry about. things that pop up out of nowhere. >> would you know what to do if a diagnosis threatened your life. >> there are five things you can
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multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 calories per serving. more grains. less you. make the switch. get $5 in coupons. all the talk of a warm-up, i just wanted to show it to you. let's go full screen. 7-day outlook, we have flurries this morning, burst of snow shower or two this afternoon. down into the 20s at night. we'll be near 40, leave it at near 40 tomorrow, friday and saturday with partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. clouds increase with the next
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weather system on sunday. we push this back a day. the weekend right now looks like it'll be fine. more of the melting, refreezing process. going to monday, the next weather system, slightly different storm track. looks like it could come in with a wintry mix of ice. that's not fun for anyone but the storm could pull in cold air and end the snow on tuesday. six and seven days out. something will be coming out of this early next week. looks more like a wintry mix set-up ending in snow. more coming up in the next half hour. right now let's go to new york and get this morning's tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes: verizon wireless says it will let customers make free calls using skype. subscribers will be able to download a skype application in late march. it'll be able to call or instant message other users for free. they can calling regular numbers outside the u.s. for free
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without using minutes from their complain. google's new social networking tool buzz, despite recent changes, the group argues it violates privacy because gmail users are automatically signed up for buzz. >> one of the big problems with buzz, i think, is that it doesn't have two way correspondence between other social networks. if your friends use twitter, their tweets will appear in buzz, but you can't reply to those tweets. you can't correspond to those tweets other than write within buzz. >> reporter: here's an attention-grabbing headline. driving distracts cell phone users. you heard that write. talking while driving can be deadly, but a new study makes it harder to remember cell phone messages or conversations. memories of old and young
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drivers suffered from talking on the phone. today is ash wednesday, the beginning of lent for christians around the world. typically the observant give up meat, alcohol or chocolate. some are encouraging them to give up technology instead. for information on all these stories, log onto the technology page of those are your tech bytes, i'm jeremy hubbard.
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